Cactus Seasons

It’s sad to see the flowers die, a wintery sun in the northern sky.
Cold clear days pass slowly by, it’s sad to see the flowers die.

The sun’s rising southward, little birds sing.
On the plants buds are forming, it’s flowers they’ll bring.
Days are getting warmer, the coming of spring.

It’s summer now, so hot and so dry.
Oh what relief, rain falls from the sky.
The cactus plants soak up the rain.
Now they’ll make flowers again and again.

The sun’s rising northward, autumn is here.
Flowers, not many this time of year.
Thorn colours are brighter, the plants do their best.
To make themselves pretty before winters rest.

The sun’s in the north, there’s a wintery sky.
It’s sad to see the flowers die.


J. Bevan (c1988)